Signature Grants

Child And Adolescent Protection Center (CAP)
Children's Health Board has been an integral partner in the ongoing work of the Child and Adolescent Protection Center since its inception and has provided funding for the training of the SANE nurses and other professionals who serve abused children.

Child Health Advocacy Institute (CHAI)
Beginning in 2006, the Children's Health Board committed a total of $1,000,000 over five years as a founding sponsor of CHAI and the CHAI Data Lab.

Dental Clinic
Dental services for Washington area children will be improved and expanded thanks to a $500,000 grant from the Children’s Health Board.

Head Injury
The Children's Health Board supports programs and initiatives aimd at the prevention, identification, and care of head injuries in children.

Impact Asthma D.C. Grants
The IMPACT DC Asthma Clinic is an asthma intervention program providing comprehensive care to children referred from the Emergency Department (ED) and inpatient units at CNMC, and from community practitioners, school nurses and managed care case managers."

Children's Health Board has supports programs aimed at educating children and parents about obesity.

Sickle Cell Disease
Since 2011, Children's Health Board has invested nearly $18,000 in support symposia and for critical research into the medical and psychosocial factors that influence families’ decisions about whether or not to pursue the treatment options available.